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Zsuzsanna Kemenesi
+36 30 30 50 129


2000—2004 Ph.D. studies in Visual Communication, PTE-BME Budapest Hungary
1993—1999 B.A. in Communication Studies, Janus Pannonius University, Faculty of Arts, Pécs Hungary
1992—1998 B.A./M.A. (Diploma) in Art and Visual Education, Janus Pannonius University, Pécs Hungary
1996—1997 Art Institute Indonesia, Faculty of Recorded Media Arts, Department of Photography Scholarship by the Ministry of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia
1994—1995 English as a Second Language, Hotel and Travel Training College, London England

Research and Projects

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: postdoctoral research on ”The Synthesis of Visual and Verbal Knowledge in Art and Communication.” Host researcher: Professor Wani Yoshitaka
University of Creation; Art, Design, Music & Social Work, Takasaki Gunma Japan

Researcher, “The Photographic Field in Hungary”, commission by the National Cultural Fund
Research of the Communication and Media Theory Department, University of Pécs, Hungary
Mentor and Project Manager, “Youth in the Countryside”, An International Photography-Network Project. The Hungarian-German cooperation is supported by Bipolar. Bipolar is an initiative of the German Federal Cultural Foundation, Germany-Hungary

Curatorial Board, Month of Photography 2006’, Hungary

László Moholy-Nagy: Grant from the International Partnership Among Museums program of the American Associations of Museums. Collaborative research project between the Museum of Fine Arts,Museum of New Mexico and the Hungarian Museum of Photography to complete major retrospective, bilingual website and publication

Curator, “Interurban”, Contemporary Hungarian Photography, Italian Institute, Szeged Hungary

Representative, Hungarian Delegation for Contemporary Photography. International Center of Photography, New York. Supported by the Trust for Mutual Understanding. New York, the US Embassy Budapest and the Hungarian House of Photography Budapest

Academic Positions, Courses, Conference Lectures

Adjunct Professor, Photographic Art Department, Art Faculty, University of Kaposvár, Hungary

Researcher, Visiting Lecturer, University of Pécs, Faculty of Arts
Communication and Media Theory Department, Pécs Hungary

Conference lecture, Photography in the age of Images ConferenceUniversity of Pécs, Communication and Media Theory Department

Lecture, Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest Hungary “Concept: Photography – Dialogue & Attitudes. From the Traditional Forms of Photography to Auteur Photography”

Lecture and panel discussion, Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest Hungary “László Moholy-Nagy contra Breuer Marcell? Acknowledgement and Fame in Hungary and in the United States”

Conference lecture, International Kepes Society, VI. International Light Symposium, Eger Hungary

Lecture for DLA students, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts,Intermedia Department, Budapest, Hungary

Lecture, Oregon Center of Photographic Arts“Contemporary Hungarian Photography”, Portland, Oregon

Lecturer in Visual Culture, Foundation for Hungarian Photography

Conference lecture, Picture–Document–Works of Art Conference, “Propositional and visual knowledge”. Szeged Hungary

Conference lecture, Multimedia in Education Conference” The Understanding of Multimedial Texts”. Dunaújváros Hungary


2007 Exchange Alumni Community of U.S. Government
2005 Board Member, Association of the Hungarian Photographers
2005 Founder Member, Association for Communication Studies
2005 Member, Association for the Hungarian Journalists
2004 Board Member. Contemporary Photo Collection of National Széchenyi Library, Budapest Hungary
1999 Member, Association of the Hungarian Photographers

Awards, Grants

2008 JSPS – Grant-in-Aid for Postdoctoral Fellows
2008 JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship Grant for Overseas Researchers
2007 National Cultural Fund–Grant for Book Publishing „Sweet as Cherry, Fine Like Wine”
2005 National Cultural Fund–Grant for Artists
2004 Prize of Esztergom City, Photo Biennial of Esztergom
2004 National Cultural Fund–Hungarian translation of Poetics of Space edited by Dr. Steven A. Yates
2004 National Cultural Fund–exhibiting and lecturing in Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts
2004 American Embassy, Budapest–exhibiting and lecturing in Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts
1999—2000, 2002 Ministry of National Cultural Heritage, Hungary – Pécsi József Fine Art Photography Grant
2000 Residency program, Künstlerhaus, City of Salzburg, Austria

Publications, Essays and Editing

2008 A tér költészete (Poetics of Space). Edited by Steve Yates. Hungarian translation: Zsuzsanna Kemenesi. Typotex Publishing Ltd
2008 Synthesis of Visual and Verbal Forms. In: Fényképészet. Edited by Péter Baki. Association of Hungarian Photographers, Budapest Hungary.
2008 GOOD DESIGN EXPO 2008. Tokyo Big Sight East Exhibition Halls, Tokyo In: Új Művészet 2008 December
2008 Hungarian Art Academy – Critic about the Diploma Works of the Intermedia MA students. In: Új Művészet XIX./ 8. – 2008 October
2008 Nyomelemek: lélek és emlékezet a japán és ausztrál fotómédiában Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo. In: Fotóművészet 2008 December
2008 Viszonylag új képek Szilágyi Lenkétől. In: Fotóművészet 2008/2.
2008 Hold-fény képek – Barbara Yoshida. In: Fotóművészet 2008/2.
2008 A szellem célszerűsége – a technika kitérői. „Természet és technika. Az újraértelmezett Moholy-Nagy 1916-1923” In: Új Művészet 2008 April
2007 „1 m2” In: 1 m2 . Kortárs Magyar Fotográfiai Alapítvány
2006 „Észforgató kézmozgató 500n ötlet”. In: Balkon 2006/7-8.
2006 „Konzervdobozok, Lomok és Ljubityelek. MA a Tekodemából”. In: Fotóművészet 2006/1-2.
2005 „Co-media, avagy könyvábrázolás a fotográfiában”. In: Fotóművészet 2005/5-6.
2005 „A Pécsi József Fotóművészeti Ösztöndíjról”. In: Fotóművészet 2005/5-6.
2004 „Bácsborsód – Chicago avagy, mint ide Új-Mexikó”. In: Fotóművészet 2004/5-6.
2004       „Fény-kép premier. Budapesti beszélgetés Hattula Moholy-Naggyal”. In: Premier Magazin2004. december
2004 Corpus 1964-2004. Preface and editing of Tamás Féner’s catalogue. Photographic Art Department, Faculty of Arts, University of Kaposvár, Hungary.
2004 Arcok. Budapest 1993-2004 Hajógyári Sziget. Preface and editing of Imre Benkő’s catalogue. Photographic Art Department, Faculty of Arts, University of Kaposvár, Hungary.
2003 Photo Americas. In: Balkon, Budapest Hungary
2003 Constructed Contemporary French Photography. In: Balkon, Budapest Hungary

Collections (Personal Works Included)

International House of Photography and Film, Rochester, NY United States of America
Hungarian Museum of Photography, Kecskemét Hungary
Art Institute Indonesia, Republic of Indonesia
San Marino Museum of Photography, San Marino
Contemporary Hungarian Photo Collection of Bolt Gallery, Budapest Hungary
Portland Art Museum, OR United States of America

Albums and Solo Catalogues

Sweet as Cherry, Fine like Wine photo album 
published by the Association of Hungarian Photographers 
Photo: Kemenesi Zsuzsanna. Preface: Christopher Rauschenberg

"Infranesia" limited edition book, Budapest

"Soliloquy" photo album, published by the City Hall of Budapest Hungary

"Worlds and Zones" catalogue, Gallery TC, Jakarta Republic of Indonesia

"Basic Elements" catalogue, Bolt Gallery, Budapest Hungary


Present Continuous II. Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest 2006.
Photo Month in Krakow – Hungarian Centrum, Krakow PL 2006.
Blue Sky No.39. Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts, Portland OR 2004.
A tojás ikonográfiája.Műcsarnok -Bolt Galéria katalógus N° 57. Budapest 2002.
Gera, Mihály: Százszorkép. Interart, Budapest 2002.
Regard Hongrois, Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest/Paris Hungary/France 2001.
Catalogue of Romeo Martinez Award, San Marino 1998. July
San Marino International Photomeeting, In : Gente di Fotografia, Italy 1998. V./17.
Hungarian Contemporary Photography ’99. Hungary,1999.
Biennial Photo Exhibition of Esztergom, Esztergom Hungary, 1997.

Selected Bibliography, Reviews about the Artist

Bordács Andrea: 1m2 - Pécsi Kortárs Magyar Fotográfiai Biennálé. Új Művészet 2007/12.
Surányi Mihály: Beszélgetés Kemenesi Zsuzsanna fotográfussal. In: Fotómuvészet 2007/3.
Surányi Mihály: Kemenesi Zsuzsanna, a szelíd voyeuse. In: Fotómuvészet 2007/3.
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Fábián, László (2005): Kemenesi Zsuzsa álomvilága. In: Synergon Magasyn, Budapest, 2005. winter
Turning the Lens on László Moholy-Nagy. In: Pasa Tiempo, USA, NM 2005. March 23.
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Lo sguardo dei fotografi ungheresi. In: Juliet Photo Magazine, Italy 2002. június
Vizer, Balázs: Magyar képmesék. In: Népszabadság, Budapest 2002. március 16.
Pécsi József Grant. In: Jelenkor, Hungary, March 2002.
Contemporary Hungarian Photography, Bolt Gallery 1-71. Budapest Hungary 2001.
Romeo Martinez Award, San Marino, July 1998.
Beke. László: A progresszív magyar fotó közelmúltja és jelene. Fotóművészet 1998.1-2.
Mallows, Lucy: It’s all there in black & white, In: The Budapest Sun, 1999. szeptember 9-15.
Bernas, Indonesia 1997, július 31.
Kompas, Indonesia 1997, július 20.
Galeri: Ilusi Zs. Kemenesi, In: Fotomedia, Indonesia 1997, July
Fotóművészet – Látható jelen katalógus, Hungary 1996, January

Selected Photographic Exhibitions

2008 Nessim Gallery, AQUA, Budapest, Hungary
2008 Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest, Hungary
2008 Esztergom Photo Biennial, Esztergom Hungary
2007 Art Paris 2007, Paris France (G)
2007 Esther Woerdehoff, Paris France (G)
2007 Nessim Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (P)
2006 Csokonai Galéria Kaposvár (P)
2006 Krakkói Fotóhónap, Magyar Centrum PL (G)
2006 Synergon Galéria H (P)
2005 Pozsonyi Magyar Kulturális Intézet (P)
2005 Festival Photo Nature & Paysage, La Gacilly France
2005 Magyar Fotográfiai Múzeum, Kecskemét H (G)
2004 Blue Sky Gallery, Portland Oregon USA (P)
2004 Prospekto Gallery, Vilnius Lit (G)
2003 Kempinski Galéria, Budapest H (P)
2003 Nyitott Múhely Galéria, Budapest H (P)
2003 Camera Soave, Panoráma, I (G)
2003 Budapest Galéria, H (G)
2002 Almeria Centro Andaluz de la Fotografia, S (G)
2002 Palazzo Ex Monte di Pietá S. Daniele del Friuli, I (G)
2002 Magyar Fotográfiai Múzeum, H (G)
2002 12.Esztergomi Fotóbiennálé – panoráma, H (G)
2002 Krausz-Palota, Pécsi József Ösztöndíj, Budapest H (G)
2002 Műcsarnok, A tojás ikonográfiája, Budapest H (G)
2001 Galeri Photo, Collection of the Bolt Gallery, Montpellier F (G)
2001 Palais Royal, Párizs F(G)
2001 Magyar Fotográfusok Háza, Budapest H (P)
2001 Budapest Galéria Kiállítóháza, Budapest H (P)
2001 Accademia d’Ungheria, Roma I (G)
1999 Ferenczy Galéria, Budapest H (P)
1998 San Francesco Art Gallery, San Marino (G)
1998 Iparművészeti Múzeum, Budapest H (G)
1998 Magyar Fotográfusok Háza, Budapest H (P)
1998 Művészetek Háza, Pécs H (P)
1998 Bolt Galéria, Budapest H (P)
1997 Bentara Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonéz Köztársaság (P)
1997 Gallery TC, Jakarta RI (P)
1997 Art Institut Indonesia, Java RI (P)
1997 10.Esztergomi Fotóbiennálé – Síkfilm H (G)
1996 Ernst Múzeum, A látható jelen, Budapest H (G)
1995 Kortárs Magyar Fotó 1995, Pécs H(G)
1996 Tölgyfa Galéria, Budapest H (G)
1995 Graz – Stadthalle, A (G)
1995 Profocus, Budapest H (G)
1994 Hungarian Institute, Stuttgart(G)
(P)-Private / (G) – Group