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About us

The website have been working since 2002 – Foundation for the Hungarian Photography. One of their objectives is to present the values of the contemporary photo culture and it’s broadcasting towards the social public. The organization is dealing with photographic education too since it’s been formed. The foundation to achieve their goals counts on the support from the creators, the interested ones agreeing with aims and the official supporters of the Hungarian photography culture. On behalf of the members of the organization we thanks in advance for any help given by providing information, opportunities of exhibitions and competitions and with donations.

Main areas of activity

• The edition of the web gallery and the operation of the site

• To operate the Foundation School of Photography
• To organizate photo exhibitions (emphasized project: Dunaújváros Photo biennale)
• Talent research and nurture ( Foundation School of Photography)

• Book publishing

Site structure

The site divided into four content parts corresponding to the main activities of the organization. 

Photo gallery -
It presents a wide cross-section of works of the Hungarian contemporary photographers. Between the creators belonging to different generations and genres directions can be found artists among both internationally renowned and promising talents just yet. With providing the biography of the photographers and an exhibition and publication lists we are trying to help the visitors to make their way around the site. online photographic journal – We launched the site in 2008 Autumn to fill up a gap in photographic online journal. At the same time we manages to become a photographer’s public forum as well as providing wide range of information for the professionals and also for the laymen ones equally.

The School of Photography’s website - 
The Foundation School of Photography is currently one of the largest course based photography educational institute in Hungary that provides high quality learning opportunity for the interested ones in photography. School students comes from all areas of the country and their annual number is about 50-80 people.

The website of the Dunaújváros photo biennale – The Foundation of believes it is important to support new talent, so in 2007 it launched a series of events in Dunaújváros called Fotobiennále. In 2007 the event was organized in 12 exhibition places with the participation of 55 artists. The event is designed to acquaint widely the work of young artists through an international photo exhibition and to create a recurrent tradition of organizing this vocational meeting in every two years.


Balázs Inotay  president
Miklós Gulyás  advisory board member, artistic leader
Artúr Rajcsányi foundation coordinator
Katalin Gesztesi advisory board member
Péter Gautier advisory board member
Lászl Kollár ó advisory board member