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Mátyás Misetics

Born: 1982.08.05, Budapest, Hungary

Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design, Master degree in Photography

2010 Artist in Residence program in Vienna by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture
2010 accepted to Doctoral studies (DLA) at MOME
2010 Solo exhibition in Prague at the Hungarian Cultural Center
2009 Solo exhibition in Deak Collection Szekesfehervar
2009 teacher at Modart school of art and fashion
2009 voted as one of the leaders of the Hungarian Association of Young art photographers
2009 selected hungarian artist at the Kolin Photo Festival 2009
2009 exhibits at the Prague Biennale at Karlin Hall, Prague
2009 Winner of the 1st prize of the Tuzrakter art photography competition by G13 gallery
2008 published portfolio in Zoom magazine, Stilus magazine
2008 founder of Fluxnoise online gallery for experimental audio-visuals
2008 interviewed and published in english-greek HIGHLIGHTS magazine
2007 co-founder of the design and art group Salon3
2007 receives MA degree in photography at the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts Budapest. The diploma work receives the Rector's special prize.
2006  curator and exhibiting artist of the 'Art Lounge' in Nokia Trends festival at Mucsarnok, Budapest.
2006  guest lecturer at the School of photography of the Foundation for Hungarian Photography 
2005  scholarship student at Universitet der Kunste Berlin (UDK-Berlin)
2005  guest lecturer at Szellemkep School of photography
2005  becomes a member of the Hungarian Association of Young art photographers (FFS)
2005 winner of Pal Takacs scholarship prize
2004 winner of the 1st prize at the Scientific and Art Conference of University Students at the Hungarian Univerisity of Art and design
2003 writes publications in Filmculture
2002 accepted by the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts Budapest, Visual Communication faculty, Photography department (MOME)

Solo exhibitions:

Deak Collection, City gallery Szekesfehervar, Hungary 2009
Hunharian Cultural Center Prague, Czech Republic, 2010

Selected group exhibitions:

Association of Young Photographers (FFS) – House of Photograpy Budapest, 2010
'New life, new document', Warsaw, Poland, 2010.
Galerie Opera, 'New life, new document', Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2010.
Funkeho Kolon 2009 Festival of Photography, Kolin, Czech Republic, 2009
Month of Photography, Bratislava, 2009.
Prague Biennale, Karlin Hall, Prague, Czech Republic, 2009.
Association of Young Photographers (FFS) , Artbázis, 'Refresh - Image-error', Budapest, 2009.
Art-Immanence, Paris, France 2009.
Association of Young Photographers (FFS) – 'One Step Beyond',  VAM art center, Budapest, 2008.
Association of Young Photographers (FFS) Artbazis, 'Life & Space', Arbazis, Budapest, 2008. 
Art meeting - Die junge Kunst Europas, UdK, Berlin, Germany 2006.
International photography festival, Łódź, Poland, 2006.
Gallery Ponton, Opening exhibition, Budapest , 2004.
Art festival, Millenaris Park, Budapest, 2003.
5th performance art festival, installation piece, Szentendre, 2003.

Works in collections:

The Nancy G. Brinker Collection
Deak Collection