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1960: Born in Bácsalmás (H)
1975–79: studied at the School of Applied and Fine Arts
1980: completed studies as an assistant photographer from 1984 working as a photographer and exhibiting work.
1988: member of the Studio of Young Photographers and member of the United Images Association
1988–94: studied at the College of Arts
1992: graduated in Photography and Applied Graphics
1994: obtained Masters degree under Gábor Kerekes. Member of the Association of Hungarian Photographers ("First Group of Artists")
1991–94: awarded József Pécsi scholarship
since 1994 freelance photographer
1997: member of the Atelier Photo Society
1998: participated in study tour to the USA. Began teaching at the University of Applied Arts. Has staged individual exhibitions in Hungary and abroad, including exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Slovakia, Croatia and the USA.

Main Individual Exhibitions:

1986: Bercsényi Club, Budapest (H)
1988: Young Artists Club (FMK), Budapest(H)
1992: Polaroids (FMK), Budapest (H)
1993: Young Artists Club (FMK), Budapest (H)
1994: Polaroids II, Bercsényi Club, Budapest (H), December, MU Theatre, Budapest (H)
1995: Fekete kamra (Black chamber) Studio exhibition hall, Budapest (H)
1996: Black (FMK), Budapest (H)
1997: Archive, Bolt Gallery, Budapest (H): “Péter Bányai - Imre Drégely" – Bolt Gallery, Budapest (H)
2000: Institut Français de Budapest, (H)

Main Joint Exhibitions

1987: Photography 87, Art Gallery, Budapest (H)
1988: Studio Self-Portrait, Art Gallery, Budapest (H)
1990: Studio "IV", Ernst Museum, Budapest (H)
Schnelle Bilder, Kunstlerhaus, Vienna (A)
1991: Renovation, Art Gallery, Budapest (H)
1992: The Polaroid in Hungary, Berlin (D)
1993: Camera Obscura, Museum of Photography, Kecskemét (H)
1994: Diploma works, London (GB)
Early Hungarian Photography after ’90, Miskolc Gallery, Budapest (H)
József Pécsi Scholarship EXHIBITION, Dorottya Street Gallery, Budapest (H)
Fotografi del Ungheria, Spilinbergo, (I)
Tableau First GrouP OF ARTISTS Vigadó Gallery, Budapest (H)
9th Photobiennial of Esztergom, Esztergom (H)
The first exhibition, Bolt Gallery, Budapest (H)
1995: Photograms, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest (H)
The visible present, Ernst Museum, Budapest (H)
Contemporary Hungarian Photography, Pécs (H)
EKE, GANZ, Budapest (H)
1996: More eyes... Vigadó Gallery, Budapest (H)
Concept, Contemporary International Photography, Zagreb (HR)
Photo-month, Bratislava (SK)
1997: Contemporary Hungarian Photography, Budapest (H)
1998: Picture and Text, Bolt Gallery (H)
Take Five, Museum of Hungarian Photography, Kecskemét (H), The Embassy of the Hungarian Republic, New York (USA)
Nude in Photography and in Sculpture, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest (H)
Camera Soave (I)
11th Photobiennial in Esztergom, Esztergom (H)
Photo-month, Bratislava (SK)
1999: XXS National Week of Photograpy – Bolt Gallery, Budapest (H)
Collection of Bolt Gallery – Institut Francais, Budapest (H)
Zeitgenössiche Fotographie aus Ungarn, Berlin Akademie Altes Rathaus, Kulturhaus Potsdam
Contemporary Hungarian Photography, Pécs (H)
2000: Vernissage II. – MU Theatre, Budapest  (H)
Contemporary Photographers, Vizivárosi Gallery, Budapest (H)
Twins Festival, Víztorony Gallery, Budapest (H)