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Ágnes Eperjesi

Personal data

Name: Ágnes Eperjesi
Born 1964, Budapest, Hungary
Tel: +36 1-212-6786


1991:            MFA Degree
1990:            Master Course of photography and typography, Academy of Applied Arts
1989:            Minerva Academy, Groningen, Holland
1986:            Academy of Applied Arts, Budapest, Visual Communication Department


2007:            Residency at El Basilisco in Buenos Aires
2006:            Eötvös Scholarship, residency in New York
2005:            Eötvös Scholarship, residency in New York
2004:            Scholarship of Budapest City Council in Salzburg
2000:            Scholarship of Hungarian Academy in Rome
1998:            ArtsLink, USA
1998:            Derkovits Scholarship
                      In & Out of Touch, London
1996:            KulturKontakt, Wienna
1992-1995:            Pécsi József Scholarship
1992:            Eötvös Foundation


XVI. Photobiennial, Esztergom - Grand Prize

Novacom Telecommunication Prize
First prize in web art category (It needs javascript support and any simple VRML plugin - it is tested with Cosmo-player)

Budapest City Council

Ministry of Culture (with Tibor Várnagy)


Private Protest, edition of 4, numbered and signed (12 x 20 cm, color, 168 pages, hand bound)

Timbre Azul, 36 color pencil drawings, unique

Water-Book – edition 3, plexiglas, plastic bag, water
Family Album, ofset, ed. 260 numbered and signed

Family Album – edition 28, numbered and signed (26 x 35,5 cm, 18 pages, 52 original C-print, hand-bound)
Busy Hands - Things to do inside and outside of the house artist book, edition of 2, numbered and signed
(21 x 23 cm, color, 98 pages, hand bound and slip cased, C print and tile included)

Recycled pictures 1999-2003. - (21 x 23 cm, color catalog)

Busy hands (A/5, color, 148 pages, hand bound and slip cased, C print on plexiglass or tile included ) edition of 3, numbered and signed

Still Life (A/5, color catalogue)

Lichtguss mit Sauglingen (A/4, Xerox, transparent)

Omens (with Tibor Várnagy, A/4, 76 p., hard cover, offset)

Ein Buch (with Tibor Várnagy, A/5, 64p., Japanese binding, offset)

Tavate`s woven pictures (with Tibor Várnagy, catalogue)

Works in public collections

Foundation for Modern Art, Duna̼újváros, Hungary
Szent István Museum, Székesfehérvár, Hungary
Goethe Institute, Budapest, Hungary
Obala Center of Art, Sarajevo, Bosnia
Austrian Cultural Institute, Budapest, Hungary
Photomuseum, Kecskem̩t, Hungary
National Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Staadtliche Galerie, Moritzburg, Halle, Germany
Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA
Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Japan
Ernst Museum, Budapest, Hungary
Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary
MEO - Contemporary Art Collection, Budapest, Hungary
Gallery of Miskolc, Museum of Contemporary Art, Miskolc, Hungary

Solo shows

These, Fuga, Budapest

There will always be more fresh loundry, Hungarian House of Photography, Mai Manó House, Budapest, Hungary
Nothing beyond Colors, Nessim Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Small Prayer, King Saint Stephen Museum, Székesfehérvár, Hungary

Private Protest, Labor, Budapest, Hungary

Irreversible Process, Vintage Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Ős Kaján Restaurant, Tolcsva, Hungary
Family Album, PhotoWest Gallery, Philadelphia, USA
Recycled Images, Hungarian Cultural Center, New York, USA

Family Plans, Millenáris Kerengő, Budapest, Hungary
Family Album, Van Zoetendaal Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland
Slices of Self-portraits, kArton Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Is He the One?, Vintage Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Compilation Europe - Galerie am Hauptplatz, Hainburg, Austria

The Gentle Art of Making Food, kArton Gallery, Budapest, Hunagry
Full Plates, Vintage Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Busy Hands, Fotofest, Anya Tish Gallery, Houston, USA

Busy Hands, Vintage Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Weekly Menu, Vintage Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Palais Jalta, Frankfurt, Germany
Fruitful Fruits - Abraham Lubelski Gallery, New York, USA

Still life - Bolt Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Studio Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Newborns - Óbudai Társaskör, Budapest, Hungary

Omens und Kommentar - Goethe Institute, Budapest (with Tibor Vánagy)

Baked pictures and Mandala - Szegedi Ifjúsági Ház, Szeged, Hungary

Der Kern einer Ausstellung - Künstlerhaus, Hamburg, Germany (with Tibor Várnagy)
Przeplatane zdjecia Tavate - Mala Gallery, Warsawa, Poland (with Tibor Várnagy)

Seedy exhibition - Studio Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (with Tibor Várnagy)

Weather - Liget Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Selected group shows

t.error - your fear is an external object – Hungarian Cultural Center, New York

XVI. Photobiennial – Esztergom
Zeitgenössische Fotokunst aus Ungarn - Neuer Berliner Kunsverein, Berlin, Germany
Time Print - Hungarian Cultural Institute, Brussels
From the Icon to the Installation – Pannonhalma Abbey
Open Space – workshop exhibition, Deák Collection, Székesfehérvár

Light-box – Videospace Gallery, Budapest
Light – Volksbank Gallery, Budapest
Not For Thought Alone – DUMBO Arts Festival, New York
Living Color – Vasarely Museum, Budapest
Paraíso Imaginário – Encontro Internacional de Fotografia, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Open studio – El Basilisco, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lost and Found – MODEM, Debrecen
Ohne HOrt – Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin, Germany
Ohne HOrt – Thüringer Museum Stadtschloss, Eisenach, Germany

Lost and Found – Staatliche Kunsthalle, Baden-Baden, Germany
Fotogramme – Künstlerhaus, Wien, Austria
Domestic Goods – AIR. Gallery, New York
Plastic – Museum of Ethnography, Budapest
Narratíva – St. Stephen King's Museum, Székesfehérvár
Hazai javak – 2B Gallery, Budapest

Önarcképek – 2B galéria
Hungarian Contemporary Art – Millenium Museum, Beijing, China
Ne(a)t – Kogart, Budapest

Soap Opera – Műcsarnok, Budapest, Hungary

Gravitation – Moszkva square, Ludwig Museum, Budapest

Kvízió – Trafó Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Display – Loop House Gallery, San Cesario di Lecce, Italy
Hand, Medium, Körper, Technik – Stadtische Galerie, Bremen, Germany
Unfolded box 2. – Medium Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
Trakta – Vigadó Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Ungarische Kunst Heute – Leverkusen, Germany
Léger différé – Centre d'Art Contemporain, Séte, France
Cream – MEO Contemporary Art Collection, Budapest
Documentum 5. – Mai Mano Gallery, Budapest

Big Torino 2000 – International Biennial of Young Creativity - Torino, Italy
Day by day – Ludwig Museum, Budapest
Up to you – Skuc Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

XXL – Trafo, Budapest
Unfolded box – Ernst Museum, Budapest
Young Portfolio – Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Kiyosato, Japan

Transition – Espace Flon, Lausanne, Switzerland
The Spaces, Cleveland, USA
Observatorium – Centrum Sztuki Wspólczesnej, Warsawa, Poland

Chimaera – Staadtliche Galerie, Moritzburg, Halle, Germany
Sic! – Kiscelli Múzeum, Budapest

Knoll Gallery, Budapest

Hungarian Days in Hamburg – Kunsthaus, Hamburg, Germany
Unversehen –Austria Tabakwerke, Linz, Austria
Through the glass – Skuc Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Polifónia – SCCA Budapest (With V.T.)

Lady in enzian blau – Budapest / Bonn, Frauen Museum, Bonn

New Spaces in Photography – Muzeum Architektury, Wroclaw, Poland

2nd Internationale Photobiennale –Paris, France
Photographie de l'Est – Musée de l'Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland
Schnelle Bilder-Aktuelle Fotokunst im Gesprach – Künstlerhaus, Wien, Austria
Fotoanarchív – Centrum Sztuki Wspólczesnej, Warsawa, Poland

Junge Ungarische Fotografen – Galerie Pumpe, Berlin, Germany
Más-kép – Ernst Museum, Budapest