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István Soltész

I was born in 1967 in Mezokovesd, Hungary, and I was brought up in Tibolddaroc. I attended Engineering Highschool in Miskolc, and got my degree on mechanical engineering in Nyiregyhaza at the Agricultural College. After having completed my studies, I was working at a water farm for five years.

I have been a member of Nyiregyhaza Photo Club since 1987. In 1994, I could join the Photo Art Studio of Young Artists, then in 1995, I became a member of the Alliance of Hungarian Photo Artists. In 1997, I was awarded Jozsef Pecsi photo art scholarship.

Now I live in Nyiregyhaza and am a lecturer at the Department of Drawing of the College of Nyiregyhaza. I have been organizing the creative work in the Nyiregyhaza Photo Club since 1996, and have been leading the City Culture Center’s Photo Gallery since 1998.

I have constructed and developed a large format camera system, which is called “Argentum” referring to the roots of photography. Several Hungarian photographers have been photographing with Argentum cameras, since I made the first one.


Vadcsapások – Game trails
Módosított tájképek – Modified landscapes
Kapcsolatok – Relations