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Aliona Frankl

She was born: 26.12.1954. Novotserkassk 
Graduated: ELTE BTK Budapest / Eötvös Lóránd University of Sciences 
Studied: literature, linguistics, aesthetic studies exhibiting artist since 1986
main series: old shops,craftsmen / cemeteries/ disappearing Budapest/ Photogram-series/ cafée-houses  
also likes shooting: portraits, architectural photography, creating illustrations
lives and works in Budapest

Grants  & Awards

2000 Artist in Residence, KulturKontakt Austria Vienna, October – December 
Annual Nivo Prize of Fine Arts of Mozgó Világ
Art scholarship of Budapest Galéria, Vienna


2002 Dialogues of Religions Brunico, Italy /  Teaching
2003 Gyomaendrőd 
Membership of professional organisations and associations:
Association of Hungarian Photoartists
Association of Hungarian Creative Artists
Association of Hungaian Journalists